Our mission is to enhance and market technologies that improve security and privacy. Securics' initial range of products include network security, login and access control, biometric authentication, long range facial recognition, and a range of technology that can be licensed or integrated by Securics to enhance existing identity and security solutions. Securics also provides design and development services, from IT software to embedded systems, including the appropriate system security analysis.

Enhancing Security

Security is critical for businesses and governments. Biometric enhancement to existing network infrastructure is easy with Securics' suite of bio-cryptographic technologies, supporting integrated network and physical security. These technologies go well beyond standard IT solutions, with embedded key management, a biometric Key Infrastructure, revocable tokens, transaction specific tokens, and even 2D bar-coded versions.  Our technology can transform your security solutions and lower overall costs.

Protecting Privacy

Concerns about privacy frequently arise when using biometrics, and can threaten to derail identity-based solutions.  Unlike existing biometric systems, Securics' Biotope® technology maintains the privacy of your users with revocable, irreversible biometric tokens, allowing solutions in which data propagation can be controlled by the end-user.  If privacy is a question, Biotope® technology is the answer.



Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Securics, Inc. is a privately held corporation established in 2004.